Vcanland Holding Group is a well known Chinese brand for over 20 years.  Originally named the Tianjin Development Zone Yongtai Real Estate Co., Ltd, the company has strategically evolved into a private comprehensive investment holding group headquartered in Tianjin with business interests throughout China. Our success is driven by the entrepreneurship and team work of our employees. We work together to fulfill our strategic vision of creating value and successful business in a socially responsible manner.

       A noteworthy example occurred in our early years when we assumed responsibility to renovate and construct deteriorated buildings in Tianjin. Today, fueled by our early success, the Vcanland Holding Group has become the leading real estate enterprise in Tianjin.  At the same time, Vcanland also expanded our business in life technology industry, high-tech investment and mining industries, all of which are conducted in a successful and responsible manner.

      Our success, however, did not make the company complacent.  In response to government policy changes, the 2008 economic crisis, and our in-house research, the company was restructured guided by a “two focuses with one flank” development strategy.  The end result was a streamlined company that aggressively built upon the existing life science and biotechnology success. The Vcanland Holding Group adapted as well, focusing almost exclusively on services for seniors, biosciences and fund investment.

      When I reflect upon the success of our company, I cannot help but think how we have mirrored the passion, excitement and growth of China.  We have earned many of these opportunities but we have also strategically positioned ourselves in anticipation of the market as well.  This restructuring is simply another phase of Vcanland responding to the marketplace.  I truly believe that the Vcanland Holding Group will have a promising future and more astonishing successes in the future.

      “Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron. With firm strides we are crossing its summit.” We are moving forward with a sense of purpose and confidence.  We have a strong culture of committed workers who demand excellence and success.  They are visionaries, entrepreneurs, and have passion for their work.   They share my commitment to build a better life for Chinese seniors and their families, whether it is through our pioneering bioscience work or through our senior services. We want to be the best; we need to be the best; we will be the best!