Vcanland Holding Group, headquartered in Tianjin, began operating in 1992 as the Tianjin Development Zone Yongtai Real Estate Co., Ltd. These early years saw a regional focus on real estate, but has strategically evolved into its present day composition of three core business lines of senior living services, bioscience industry and fund investments.

       With senior living services headquartered in Shanghai and the fund investment company located in Beijing, Vcanland Holding Group in Tianjin is growing into a national brand company. Today, the company employs are over 3000 employees, with over 70% holding bachelor’s degrees or above.  The company has also attracted both domestic and foreign high-end talents, including Nobel Prize winner, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and other leading industry experts in senior living.  Chairman of the Board Mr. Li Defu is a member of Tianjin CPPCC, Chairman of “Tianjin Real Estate Chamber of Commerce”, vice chairman of “China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce” and vice chairman of “Tianjin Chamber of Commerce”.

       The company's reputation for entrepreneurship began in the early years.  Initial construction jobs focused on the renovation and construction of Tianjin, but quickly evolved into new construction of projects including Vcanland Apartments and the Vcanland corporate headquarter. These were followed by high profile residential communities including Guanglin Garden, Guangtai Garden, and Guofeng Garden. Each project was designed to expand the business footprint of the company, gradually earning a larger market share in Tianjin.

       Enering into the new century, Vcanland Holding Group entered into the second stage of corporate development in 2002. This success motivated the company to do more expensive projects including Yushui Garden, Xiangshui Garden and Fushui Garden in Meijiang district, and Center City projects – Prominence Garden. During this time, Vcanland also undertook projects in Beijing and Hainan. But Tianjin remained the primary market, with the company taking on its most ambitious project to date. Original County quickly became the "Signature Project" for Vcanland. With a total area of 5400 Mu and 1.5 million square meters as building area, this master planned community combined villas, high-end level apartment and commercial real estate on one campus. The success of this project cemented the reputation of the company in Tianjin. During this time the company also began work on other projects including investments in the bioscience sector, high tech, mining, and work in a small outlying village. Success in these small projects fueled the confidence of Vcanland Holdings to explore new markets.

       With the changes of domestic and international economic development, Vcanland Holding Group has chosen to embark upon a significant and strategic restructuring based on the last 20 years’ development from the year of 2011.  In establishing the Vcanland Senior Living Investment Group, the company reduced its traditional real estate business, transforming the focus of this segment of the company into senior living, and expanded the scope to include all services for seniors. Our objective is to build an intelligent and comprehensive industry chain that provides a better life for all Chinese seniors. The company also took its public company -- Zhongyuan Union Cell & Gene Engineering Co., Ltd -- and refocused its platform to develop stem cell technology and gene industry. The third prong is the aggressive development of a fund investment business, establishing China Yinhong Co., Ltd. to carry forward venture capital investment, equity investment, fund investment and asset management.

       Still exerting a strong influence is Chairman of the Board Mr.Li Defu who actively promotes the culture of “improving lives.” This culture has driven the bioscience group to grow, with total asset now at over 11 billion RMB.

      This is company that is restless, and not content simply with success.  Fueled by the passion of Chairman, determined to continually challenge themselves to produce better results, better outcomes and better lives.  They welcome others who share the passion and our determination to be the best, and who are prepared to sacrifice short terms results for longer term success.  But most of all, Vcanland value others who recognize that it is possible to be socially responsible as well as profitable.