In the 21th century, the life science characterized by cell and gene- based technology has become the frontiers of science. To utilize life science and technology and benefit human society is the future direction.
      As the forerunner of life science and technology in this country, the holding group’s life science business has developed and grown rapidly after years of hard work.  A leading group company has been formed, taking Zhongyuan Union Cell & Gene Engineering Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Zhongyuan Union)as its core, cell and gene as its dual drive, 100 billion Yuan market value as its goal.  At the present, Zhongyuan Union market value is about 30 billion Yuan.
       Zhongyuan Union is the only company, focusing on cell and gene engineering technology, listed in the domestic stock market with code 600645.  This company is one of the first companies investing biological resources storage and the vice Director of the National Stem Cell & Regeneration Medical Industry Innovation Union.  This company has also been carried on the national stem cell and gene clinical translational base projects.  Meanwhile, it operates the Tianjin Cord Blood Bank, one of the largest cord blood banks in the world.
       After more than ten years of development, Zhongyuan Union has successfully operated four well-known affiliated companies, including Union Stem Cell & Gene Engineering Co., Ltd., Eastern Union Stem Cell & Gene Engineering Co., Ltd., Alliancells Bioscience Co., Ltd and Zhongyuan Union Gene Technology Co., Ltd.  Zhongyuan Union owns biotech labs with more than 4000 square meters in total and its GMP standard production facilities with capacity of more than 100,000 units of stem cell products annually.
       Zhongyuan Union has invited several top scientists and scholars as consultants of the technology committee, including:
      Sir Martin Evans, former Chancellor of Cardiff University and Nobel Prize Laureate in medicine
      Dr. Massimo Dominici, President of International Society of Cellular Therapy
      Dr. Ferrid Murad, Nobel Prize Laureate in physiology  or Medicine 
      Prof. Wu Zuze, “The founder of China's stem cell therapy”, former chairman of Medical Science Academy of        the PLA and Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician
      Prof. Pei Gang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of Tongji University, etc.
     Prof. Yu Jun,  Researcher of Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Science
     The core technological and managerial team composes of more than 20 Phd graduates, some 100 master degree gainers and above 97 percent of bachelors. These talents form a high quality team in technology and management.
       As to the new drug R&D business,“umbilical cord MSC agent anti liver-fibrosis” has completed pre-clinical drug application process, with acceptance by  CFDA in the year 2012 (Acceptance code: CXSL1200056 Jin),  currently waiting for the approval of clinical trials.  In addition, the new drug “anti coagulant drug--EH”, accepted by CFDA in 2013, has completed pre-clinical research,(Acceptance code: CXSL1300060 Jun). Zhongyuan Union has also build up the partnership relations with nearly 80 domestic 3A level hospitals regarding new cell therapy study for liver diseases, neurological damages, immune system diseases, myocardial ischemia. The overall treatment effects are promising to provide with effective treatments for a variety of stubborn diseases.
       At present, Zhongyuan Union has set up branch companies covering 23 provinces in China, operating business in biological resources storage and R&D on stem cell therapies, stem cell and gene engineering products, stem cell clinical transplantation, stem cell anti-aging products, stem cell cosmetics and skincare products, monoclonal antibody diagnostics, test reagent, genetic locus & test and genetic engineering drug, etc. The company is recognized as a leader of life health industry with the most products and services in this country.
       In order to follow the trend of development of big health industry, Zhongyuan innovatively issued China’s first Life-banking Card nationwide in September, 2014, focusing on personalized medicine and managed care. Aiming at Life-banking, Health-caring, Membership-feedbacking and Public-benefiting, Zhongyuan Union provides the public with the all-aged, personalized and professional services in a comprehensive way for life care by integrating Zhongyuan Union’s business. With the Life-banking Card issuing, Zhongyuan Union has integrated and expanded its business further. Zhongyuan Union is building up a new business mode—online to offline for personalized services of managed care carried by the Life-banking Card, which promotes innovatively the development of big health industry.